Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Romy & Linda Caringal

Romy & Linda Caringal, serving in East Asia, use their medical background whenever they can serve beside the national physicians. As seasoned missionaries to many countries, they are diligently studying a new language these past two years. They also supervise international medical students and national pastors, supporting them however they can.

Penny Nelson

Penny is serving with Children's Relief International as their Haiti Developer. She is focusing on their partnership in Haiti to help create new projects, as well as develop existing ones. Current projects in Haiti she will be assisting with include: a Bible School to train pastors, a growing tutoring program for young students, an ongoing construction program to build houses for those that need it, and a nutrition program for underdeveloped babies. Specifically, she will lead teams to Haiti throughout the year, helping with logistics and in-country organization.  She will share the stories of those she meets to spread the voices of Haiti to others. Her vision is to bring the light of Christ to the poor through both word and deed. 

Hannah Guise

Hannah Guise, with Covenant Players, travels throughout designated areas of the U.S. and ministers by presenting numerous drama sketches that describe the love of God and what Jesus did for each of us. They perform in both secular and church/Christian school settings. To learn more about the Covenant Players and their mission, please visit their website.

Mike & Cindy Helvie

Mike and Cindy Helvie currently minister to and serve students at a seminary in Nepal. They teach the future church leaders how to study the Word and share it with others. They also provide pastoral support to other missionaries in South Asia.

Ned & Marlene McGrady

Ned and Marlene McGrady work in Member Care for World Gospel Mission, being pastors to missionaries. Sometimes their role takes them to the countries where missionaries serve to support them in person. They also play a key role in the preparation of new missionaries as they are sent forth, as well as debriefing and aiding the transition of missionaries who return to the States for a time to visit their supporters.

Luke & Kyla Paraventi

Luke and Kyla Paraventi and their three boys minister in the Czech Republic. Their main focus is ministry to teens. They meet at least weekly for times of Bible study and fun. In addition, Luke ministers through a weekly game night, and Kyla connects with other moms and shares Jesus as they work through daily life.

Together We Can Make a Difference

Together We Can Make a Difference is a local Jackson ministry. Two of their many ministries include Kids’ Explosion and The Priceless Toy Store. At Kids’ Explosion, ministry happens near where many children live, providing biblical teaching and experiencing the love of Jesus. Numerous toys, books, and other things kids would love to receive for Christmas are lovingly collected and refurbished and displayed. Parents and Grandparents then shop by appointment for these free gifts for their children.

Jackson Interfaith Shelter

Jackson Interfaith Shelter is a low-barrier emergency shelter for men, women, and children. They provide meals, a place to sleep, and numerous support services to assist these people in returning to independent living, being able to support themselves.

Rise Above

Rise Above is at the least a school setting for students who are no longer welcome to study in their home school districts to “Rise Above” academically. In addition, the students participate in service and fun activities to give them hope and courage in all situations.

Youth Haven

Youth Haven is a ministry just north of Jackson where kids, who often come from difficult situations, go to camp for a week in the summer or for a weekend during the school year. Through group rallies and small groups with counselors, these kids are taught that Jesus loves us and died for us. After camp, Youth Haven has developed a very extensive follow-up program that is sent to the kids as well as to other kids who don’t live close enough to participate in camps. To learn more, please visit their website

Samaritan's Purse

Operation Christmas Child takes a simple shoe box gift filled with school supplies, hygiene items and fun toys, and delivers joy and the Good News of salvation through Jesus to children in the poorest, war torn, devastated areas of the world. The Greatest Journey is a discipleship program offered to each shoe box recipient to help them and their families grow in their newfound faith. To learn more, please visit their website.

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